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Welcome to KDE Web Dev
This site is the home of the kdewebdev module application pages. These applications are listed to the left. We have developed kdewebdev to be a suite of applications that can help to make your work and play a rich and enjoyable experience. Whether you are designing web pages, database back ends, XML document creation or extensive scripting, even if you are looking to create small desktop applications or integrate or extend your desktop, there is something here for you here. This project is our passion and our users have conveyed to us that they have been a source of joy for them too. We hope you find a rewarding experience here.
Our purpose here at KDE Web Dev.
This site will provide information to new and prospective users, user support, resource repositories, developer support, project schedules and information and a lot more.
It will be undertaken by a team of developers and users with a goal to set a new standard of excellence in using the web to advance FLOSS.
Looking forward.
After all, if we design web development tools we should get around to this sooner or later. (Of course builders are always working on their houses and mechanics are always tinkering with their cars... which is why we're not going to let our project leader do it this time.)
Get involved with KDE Web Dev.
If you are interested in getting involved with this project please contact our project leader Eric Laffoon
"The more we proceed, the more we lead. Our final advantage is our approach. Our team is not just a lot of bright and talented people. Our team is also people who have learned how to look at things the same way the legendary open source projects like Linux, Apache and PHP do. We know there is a better way to do things than has been done. So we are setting out to prove it here. And because it is all about the community you too can play a part in helping us to do it better."
Eric Laffoon:- Project Manager
Awards and Recognition
2003 award

Along with being recognized by a number of users including popular blogger, author and actor Wil Wheaton we are proud to be the winner of the 2003 award for best web editor.

2004 award

We are also the proud winner of the award for the best web editor in 2004, but this time by a decisive margin.

2005 awardIn year 2005 we won again the best web development award on the poll.

2006 award

We are no less honored to receive this award again in 2006, and we are not resting on our success.