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Welcome to the Home of KDE Web Dev Developer
This is the home of the development section of the applications included in the kdewebdev subversion module in KDE. Chief among those applications are Quanta Plus and Kommander. While it is important to have a web site for users of an application it is all the more important to have a site for developers. This section will be undergoing the most development. It's mission is to support developer efforts and organization as well as enhancing interactions. This enhanced interaction is not just between developers but between developers and users. This section has been the focus of substantial planning by our project manager and is targeted to address a number of needs that became exposed in five years of managing this project. We hope you find it useful, but please remember it will take sizable development to realize it's goals. So be patient.
How can you help the community model work?
This project is at it's heart an open source community based project. Yes we have people sponsored and yes we have volunteer developers, but consider what community means. The software we produce is free as in speech and free as in beer, yet it costs us real money to produce it and it takes a lot of time. You have probably read the grand explanations of how wonderful our community is many times for giving this away, but what you have to remember is that someone has to do something for you to enjoy it. Think of FLOSS as a bank account. It costs almost nothing to distribute and a fraction of what other software costs to produce because it relies on small contributions from many people. At least that is the theory, but in practice it only works because it is so astonishingly efficient it only needs a few "deposits" to yield a positive balance. How good is our software? Certainly it's good, but with a tiny fraction of a percent of users contributing in some way you have to imagine how amazing it would be if that tiny fraction were to grow even a tiny bit. As the history of this project has shown... one person can make all the difference in the world. You can make a difference too!

Many people feel they cannot contribute because they don't code C++. Never mind that once they could't walk, talk, drive a car or do other things they learned. The fact is that that there is a growing list of things this project needs that don't require C++ skills.
• Creation of scripts and Kommander dialogs
• Creation and testing of new XML based definition files for scripting language support
• Template creation
• Web site development
• Various administrative duties for KNewStuff review, news items and such
• Documentation writing
• Testing

There are most likely other things we could add to the list. Our project leader would enjoy having an assistant. No doubt he'd enoy two weeks in Tahiti too but some things just linger on the list anyway.
Looking forward
Because of the requirements to develop Kommander compared to our resources we will be lagging with documentation and some tools. The applications and dialogs you create with Kommander will be just like any other for users and easy to use, but we want to support you. Keep an eye on this site as we develop our information and resources and also watch for releases of development versions of the editor. It is easy enough to retain compatibility with prior release executors while taking advantage of new editing tools. That's how we planned it.
Useful Links
KDE Developer Site - This is a wealth of information on developing KDE applications
KDevelop Site - KDevelop is the award winning tool we develop our applications on (and more)
Learning Cervisia and CVS - This excellent tutorial by our largest sponsor, Carlos Woelz, is required reading for CVS newbies
Kommander Crash Course - If you're going to use Kommander to extend Quanta or create applications start here
A Kommander Tutorial - Another good Kommander resource