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Welcome to the site developer page
Our site is under major development, but then why should it be different from other sites? On a positive note though, a site for our web development tool is no longer languishing. We have some high objectives and for this we need your help. If you're interested in helping out you don't have to be a superstar. However the people involved in this project have a lot to do and we don't want this to be your introduction to what is a web page. Even if you're not a PHP whiz there are still things you can do. Check the jobs section below. Lower on the page is information on how to get started. We hope you'll join us. We're a talented group, which means we also hope we're not too hard to get along with... even if the project manager may be a little nuts. ;-)
Site Development Jobs
There are lots of things we need to do and at the same time some things will take a little longer because some foundational parts will need to be done by key people. The important part is you can make a difference. The foundational idea behind this project and probably most good projects is that if someone has a degree of expertise and passion about a particular task they pretty much have their way with it. This of course assumes their views are reasonably consistent with project leadership. The central fact is we don't have enough time so we have to grudgingly let loose pieces of our baby, and in the process we hope those pieces become your baby and we are both proud. The following are areas where we will be needing help.
Application screenshots - This seems simple enough but we do require some consistency here. KDE has guidelines for this.
PHP development - We use PHP5. All developers have access to a test area if they don't have a local test setup.
Content development - While much of the content is obvious and we don't need to do a manual we still need some.
Validation and review - We have some people doing this but even providing feedback can be helpful.
News administrators - We will have site news and a place for users to submit stories. This is pretty light duty.
KNewStuff administrators - KNewStuff could be a little challenging if people begin submitting a lot, but we have strategies to reduce work load basied on a system of calculated trust. Depending on load we may need several people.
Translators - The site will not be going multilingual until we move to the new server. Part of this is resolving the final mechanism coupled with new features in PHP5 and part is that we don't have much solid content yet.
Subproject leaders - Different areas of the site can be managed by different people with a degree of autonomy. Some consistency is important and at the same time achieving optimal results for applications and features is important.
Subversion and WebDAV experience - We will be looking to get this going on a Debian server where our project leaders have little Debian experience and we will be looking to integrate these technologies into Quanta too. Your experience here could be helpful.
Site development direction
The objectives for this site are to realize target objectives based on the experience of project leaders over the years. As such there are particular objectives, specifically of the project leader, that produce a general guide to what we want to do. More will be posted on this. At the same time, even with years of experience, there is so much to know that it's a certainty that there are even more talented Quanta users out there who would be a great asset to the site development, provided we can make a fit. You may be aware that this site project went almost nowhere in the last year. There can be a lot of reasons observed for this, including several people attempting to take on what is a very difficult project. In the end a lot of targets for this have been in the mind of the project leader for years and that is where they will have to be directed from. That still leaves a lot of room for input though and your input is part of a process that shapes us all.
Basic guidelines
The site is our best effort to realize a reasonably good look with consistency across all browsers. As you probably know this is a pain in the rear, but we're far more concerned with content than appearance so our focus is in a good experience for users. First of all everything is handled on our mailing list as a central means of control. We develop applications the same way. Over time more web based direction will take place. The link for the mailing list is on the left. We work with files in CVS, though we will be moving to Subversion, and when we commit to CVS we post the list. There it is reviewed and someone who the team is comfortable with the go ahead uploads. At least this is the general idea. As long as you aren't breaking things we're not overly concerned.

Our site design is an attempt to use good design guidelines. Part of our objective is to be efficient with the time of our project leaders because we're overly busy. So if you can come in with a good grasp of what is going on we will be excited.
Getting started
To get started you need access. You can request access here.