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KLinkStatus Has Moved On
KLinkStatus has been updated for KDE4 and is no longer maintained on this site.
About KLinkStatus
The idea of KLinkStatus came up with a friend of mine, Gonçalo Silva, when we were talking about a GUI application project to start. We wanted to use the Qt toolkit.
Then, after we discussed some ideas about a link checker, he got busy with another projects and I started the implementation. Linkstatus was born, available for Windows and Unixes. Later, following a feature request that I made to Eric Laffoon, kdewebdev project leader, about Quanta+, I asked if there were any interest of making LinkStatus a KDE application and integrate it into Quanta+, using KDE components technology, KParts. Eric answered yes and thanks to him, Andras Mantia and the rest of the super cool Quanta team, that helped me along the way, here is KLinkStatus, available as a part or a standalone application.

KLinkStatus is part of the kdewebdev module. You can also download only the individual KLinkStatus application.
Between other things, you can do the following:
  • Support several protocols (allowing fast checking of local documents): http, ftp, ssh (fish or sftp) and file.
  • Proxy support
  • Allows authentication when checking restricted documents
  • Supports the latest Web standards-- HTML 4.0, HTTP 1.1
  • Server-Side Includes (SSI, aka SHTML) are supported and checked
  • Regular expressions to restrict which URLs are searched
  • Show link results as they are checked
  • Tree like view (that reflects the file structure of the documents) or flat view
  • Limit the search depth
  • Fragment identifiers ("#" anchor links that point to a specific section in a document) are supported and checked
  • Pause/Resume of checking session
  • History of checked URLs
  • Tabbed checking (allow multiple sessions at the same time)
  • Filter checked links (good, broken, malformed and undetermined)
  • Configurable number of simultaneous connections (performance tunning)
  • Other configurable options like "check external links", "check parent folders", "timeout"
  • Good integration with Quanta+