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Welcome to the Home of Kommander
Kommander is a two part application. The first part is the editor where you visually build dialogs and applications and edit the scripted elements. The second part is the executor which processes the generated XML file. Kommander is a non traditional "disruptive" technology. It does not compile applications, but it does not rely on interpreted scripting to build it's interface. It relies wherever possible on compiled functions. It produces non-compliled dialogs and applications at a very small file size that run fast and can be distributed without binary compatibility issues.

Kommander dialogs integrate easily into KDE applications because it speaks their Inter Process Communication language, DCOP. Native Kommander scripts can perform thousands of operatons per second and access a full compliment of KDE widgets. If you are an application developer you can also easily add plugin widgets and libraries. Kommander can be used to deliver internationalized extentions to your users that don't require compiling and are user extensible.

Looking to KDE4 we will be using DBUS and focusing on enabling any scripting language to have the same access to functionality and tools as native scripting. This means one we want to see Function Browser support for other scripting languages. Any language with DBUS bindings will already have an interface. If you are interested in helping us bring a unified GUI that can leverge development in many languages get in touch with us.
Our purpose here at the Kommander Site
This site will provide information to new and prospective users, user support, resource repositories, developer support, project schedules and information and a lot more.

It will be undertaken by a team of developers and users with a goal to set a new standard of excellence in using the web to advance FLOSS.
Looking forward
Because of the requirements to develop Kommander compared to our resources we will be lagging with documentation and some tools. The applications and dialogs you create with Kommander will be just like any other for users and easy to use, but we want to support you. Keep an eye on this site as we develop our information and resources and also watch for releases of development versions of the editor. It is easy enough to retain compatibility with prior release executors while taking advantage of new editing tools. That's how we planned it.
Get involved with KDE Web Dev
If you are interested in getting involved with this project please contact our project leader Eric Laffoon
We need help with documentation and site development.