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KDE Web Dev Release KDE Web Dev Site Formally Launched

Our new site is up and it has a lot to like. It should be W3C compliant, barring any emberassing glitches, and it should render well on other browsers and platforms. It was important to us to provide a good impression. There is a subdomain for each application and we have a lot of docs and links as well as a news system for useful information. One of the more interesting things is our release information system.

We've tried to apply good design through it all and we're just getting started. Along with everything else we're getting our KNewStuff server configured and working so you can start looking for new resources as well as sharing your good work with the community. Future developments will include project management tools for developers to provide transparent insight into what we're doing for our users and better ways to interact.

There are other benefits to our users. We're refining the Team Development features in Quanta by using them. You'll find the chmod script from Andras in KNewStuff scripts. Andras is also getting more insight into the development process.

Our goal is to become a high quality resource that you will want to visit often because it enhances your experience.