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KDE Web Dev Community Report from aKademy

Those who read our list know I arrived late, and really missed most of the formal talks, but I did get to several important talks about KDE and KDE 4. We also got to tour Malaga and I got to stand in a Roman theater, something I can't do in Oregon. Andras and I also discussed a lot of the functionality in Quanta.

One of the things we wanted to do was to ask for help in the form of donations and sponsorships. We lost one of our big sponsors last year and had a good fund raiser, but people often don't contribute until we ask. I wish it were otherwise because I just hate asking if I don't have some exciting news. As a result we are behind around $1000 and of course after we catch up we still have to keep up. In this project you really can make a difference.

Andras and I finally finished our updates to the site and the addition of the news system, but we were unable to finish the Kommander database plugin. Michal will have to fix the bugs in that one. It was working earlier this year before he got married. I have a complete SQL insertion dialog to go with the hk_classes (Knoda) drivers and plugin. This means Kommander is a database enabled application, and this is only the beginning. The problem is I can't allow Michal to politely let me get behind and there are some really cool things we're wanting to do with Kommander... Mainwindow apps with context menus and actions... Basically you could create your own custom application without being a programmer and in record time.

Some really exciting things are planned for Quanta! While flying here I took some time to close my eyes and visualize the Object template system and it finally resolved a number of issues. I described it to Andras and he understands it better. We need to get some time together later this year because this is possible and it seriously means that you keep your design ideas but shift from repetitive work to "teaching" the system and you move from a page view to a site view of sets of conceptual objects you work on, and you have control over set definitions. Every web developer I've explained this to in depth got very excited and all said they saw a reduction of 40% of their efforts with this.

Hopefully before Andras and I leave he will help me polish my C++ so I can contribute more coding to the project. I've been enjoying my studies and I'm always looking for how I can do more. The point is we can do a lot more with your help. Please visit our donation page and help us make tools you can get excited about. Anything received this weekend can be used to pay Andras without the usual high transfer costs.

Oh, almost forgot... Among the improvements we discussed was making Quanta handle escaping of quotes in HTML tags generated inside PHP. Essentially there is no way to do it perfect, as Andras has pointed out. My point though is that it can be predicted nearly perfectly. Our option is to offer this functionality configurable for the user. It is likely if you are consistent in your usage it will be perfect, but if not it will almost certainly reduce your number of edits. Enjoy!