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Welcome to the Home of Quanta Plus
Quanta Plus is a highly stable and feature rich web development environment. The vision with Quanta has always been to start with the best architectural foundations, design for efficient and natural use and enable maximal user extensibility. We recognize that we don't have the resources to do everything we would like to so our target is to make it easy for you to help make this the best community based desktop application anywhere. Pretty much everything in Quanta is designed so you can extend it. Even the way it handles XML DTDs is based on XML files you can edit. You can even import DTDs, write scripts to manage editor contents, visually create dialogs for your scripts and assign script actions to nearly any file operation in a project. You can even look at and communicate with a wide range of what happens inside Quanta using DCOP.

Quanta is based on KDE so this means it is network transparent from any dialog or project. It can use not only FTP but other KDE KIO slaves from file dialogs or in project settings. For instance if you want secure access try the fish KIO slave that uses SSH. Just enter fish://[user]@domain in any dialog or select fish in your project settings. Here on this site you will find information on using Kommander to visually build dialogs you can extend Quanta with. These applications talk to each other using an IPC (Inter Process Communication) called DCOP (Desktop Communication Protocol).

Of course I realize this can sound like alphabet soup techno-babble to some web developers, but here's what it means. When you are using Quanta and realize you would like to do something and you want to ask "Can I do this?" you can expect the answer will not only be yes, but it will probably be even cooler than you hoped for. Not included on this site are other tools you can use with Quanta for revision control and reviewing and merging changes in files. Those applications are Cervisia and Kompare, and if they are not installed and you install them Quanta will use them. We would like to think that there are rich rewards to be found here for those willing to explore new ways of doing things, or perhaps in some cases old ways that are just new to you.

Our purpose here at the Quanta Site
This site will provide information to new and prospective users, user support, resource repositories, developer support, project schedules and information and a lot more.

It will be undertaken by a team of developers and users with a goal to set a new standard of excellence in using the web to advance FLOSS.
Looking forward
Quanta Plus is very much targetted at one objective. That is to be clearly and obviously the most productive, powerful and efficient web development environment in the world. Note that we're not saying just in the open source world. In the area of commercial web development tools we already have a number of users saying we top the leading Windows development tools. Certianly if you use PHP it's going to be very difficult to find a better tool than Quanta. Looking at this objective we have several key factors. First of all we have some innovative ideas we're working on that we believe will be rather revolutionary and truly innovative. However this takes work. We have developers we sponsor to work full time on the project and this is the backbone for our volunteer efforts. To really reach our goals though we need you. We need help in the form of sponsorships as well as contributions of resources like scripts and templates. Together we can change the world. It's time there was a *nix application as successful on the desktop as some are on the server.
Get involved with KDE Web Dev
If you are interested in getting involved with this project please visit our developer area or contact our project leader Eric Laffoon

We need help with screenshots, various administrative tasks and site development.