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Online articles
Introduction to Quanta
A comprehensive guide to getting started with Quanta to create Web pages published in the TUX magazine. Project of the Week: Quanta+
Quanta+ was selected as the project of the week on and the site features an interview with Eric Laffoon as well.

Review of Quanta Plus and Quanta Gold
A side by side review of the two applications on Newsforge, posted on January 13, 2003. The reviewed version is 3.0-pr1 (rather old one).

Printed materials
MyLinux article
There is a scheduled article about Quanta Plus in the September edition of the Romanian MyLinux magazine. (The Dot)
Articles appeared on the official KDE news site, knows as "The Dot". Some of them refer to articles listed above or materials that can be accessed from other parts of the site.

Using Quanta as a Docbook Editor
Quanta is widely recognized as the most advanced free software web development environment. But a lot of people do not know that Quanta is a friendly editor for all SGML and XML documents (and therefore for docbook). [...]

Quanta Starts Transition to KDevelop Framework
After five weeks intensive work in Romania Quanta's main developer Andras Mantia together with Jens Herden finished the first major step of Quanta's port to the KDevelop framework. [...]

TUX Magazine: Guarddog, Quanta and digiKam
The August edition of the free to subscribe TUX Magazine covers a number of KDE applications: Guarddog lets you have total control over your personal firewall without having to invest years in the study of firewalls and security while digiKam is a perfect all-in-one solution for importing, editing and managing photo albums from all my digital cameras over the last few years. There is also an extensive introduction to KDE's webpage editor Quanta Plus and you can vote for your favourite KDE applications in their first readers' choice awards.

Debugging PHP Code with Quanta Plus
Ewald Kicker has written a detailed tutorial about debugging a PHP script inside Quanta Plus using the Gubed debugger. The document is aimed at beginners and describes step-by-step how to set up and use the debugger for your web projects. [...] Project of the Week: Quanta Plus
Last week, Quanta Plus was selected as the Project of the Week on OSDir. In the interview with Eric Laffoon, the project leader of Quanta+ and Kommander, you can read about the past, present and future of the KDE Web Dev module.

Quanta+ Sponsor Asks for Assistance
For the past year and a half, I've been a co-sponsor of the KDE Quanta+ project helping Eric, Andras and the entire Quanta+ team deliver one of the best web development applications in the world -- Free or otherwise. It has been my pleasure and an honor to be part of bringing Quanta+ to you. [...]

KDE 3.3.1: Bugs Squashed, Quanta Gets VPL
KDE 3.3.1 has been released. [...] Also, the Quanta Web Development tool has been enhanced and now has the VPL (Visual Page Layout aka WYSIWYG) mode enabled. [...]

Quanta 3.3 BE 2 Released
The Quanta team has just released the first Bleeding Edge technology preview of Quanta from the new kdewebdev module. This includes KMDI, CSS enhancements, a new link checker, imagemap editor and a new embedded PHP debugging interface (be sure to get Gubed and the howto for setting up Gubed if you want to try it out). [...]

Quanta Team Adds Developer, Seeks Support for New App
The Quanta team has been growing in volunteer developers, but the amount of work to make a world class killer application is daunting. Community support has enabled me to take the next step and sponsor another developer! [...]

The People Behind KDE: Eric Laffoon
This week we stay in the USA and travel to the west coast, to Hillsboro, Oregon, hometown of Eric Laffoon. We all know Eric Laffoon as the Quanta+ Team Leader. In this interview we get to see a glimpse of the more private site of Eric. He's a multitasker, gets excited by catnip, describes himself as a 'wild and crazy guy', is best known for his good cigars and still looks good in spandex ;-) Interviews Eric Laffoon
Recently put their creative thinking into the interview format by asking people to submit questions which could be part of an interview. The results take the Quanta/kdewebdev project leader from childhood tech memories to what's new in Quanta and points between. If you're curious about Quanta, where it's going or what's on Eric's mind this is a good read. [...]

Quanta 3.2 Bleeding Edge Announced
The Quanta team is pleased to announce the Bleeding Edge (BE) branch of Quanta Plus. Quanta 3.2 BE 1 features a number of new improvements including an awesome new CSS editor, KFileReplace support, auto save and crash recovery, and much more. [...]

Quanta's Eric Laffoon Meets Wil Wheaton
I finally got to meet Wil Wheaton of Star Trek TNG fame. Wil is a great guy, a very good writer and an open source advocate we can all be proud to have on our side. [...]

ContentPeople: Review of Quanta Plus
The ContentPeople are currently featuring a review of Quanta Plus by Jono Bacon. [...] NOTE:The article seems to be not accessible anymore.

The People Behind Quanta Plus
In this fascinating interview, Eric Laffoon and Andr? Mantia give us a glimpse into the world of the Quanta Plus project. [...]

Review of Quanta+ and Quanta Gold
Newsforge is featuring a side-by-side comparison of the free GPL Quanta+ and the commercial Quanta Gold from theKompany HTML editors.[...]

Quanta Plus 3.0 Final Rolls Out
The Quanta team is pleased to announce the availability of Quanta 3. Quanta has been transforming from a basic HTML editor to an extremely competent and flexible tagging and scripting editor. [...]

Quanta Plus 3 Picks Up Steam, 3.0 PR2 Released
[...] So what's new with Quanta? Well, we've released 3.0 PR2, so you're encouraged to check it out for yourself![...]

GPL'd Quanta Plus 2.0 is Out
Eric Laffoon reports that the stories of the demise of GPL'd Quanta have been greatly exaggerated, and to prove it, the Quanta Plus developers have released Quanta Plus 2.0. For those of you who don't know yet, Quanta Plus is a popular and rapid web development tool for KDE. [...]

Quanta Gets a Plug
[...]In a separate review, UnixReview gave favorable marks to Quanta Plus, an HTML editor designed for quick web development. Quanta features PHP support and will be part of the HancomOffice package under the name WebBuilder.[...]