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It feels a little funny asking people to please visit our sponsors but in fact without the crucial income we need altruistic project like Quanta would be very difficult indeed. The project is managed by myself, Eric Laffoon. Currently my web work is largely on hold while I develop my other business. That's probably okay since you probably don't want to pay me to develop your web site. My other business is Kitty Hooch catnip toys. We cultivate and manufacture a super premium toy in the US marketplace. We even guarantee it. If you have a cat please give us a visit. The fact is I don't know if there would be much of a KDE 3 version of Quanta right now without Kitty Hooch so tell your cat loving friends too. It's serious hooch!

I am very confident that any money sent to us to continue our project will make a real difference! Currently I have the expenses of a growing business, a need to move to where I can build larger greenhouses and the needs of key developers who are largely dependent on me to come up with the finances to cover their living expenses. After some wrestling with the idea that open source projects can appear to be begging I am confident it is a good thing to ask for help from people who fit into the following categories.
  • Having the financial resources to contribute without being a problem
  • Having the desire in their heart to do so in appreciation of our project
I feel good about asking for two reasons...
  1. I know that Quanta is now well into advanced work and progress on a level it has never been before. So I know you will see something good continue to happen.
  2. I have personally invested thousands of dollars in my own money as well as many hours a week of my valuable time on Quanta. I am happy to have been able to do this but that does not make it easy. It does mean I can feel good that I ask way more of myself than anyone else.
If you make a purchase at a minimum of 10% or that purchase amount will go to the Quanta Project. If you purchase Quanta merchandise there 100% of all profits go to Quanta development. If you would like to contribute directly then please consider using Paypal to send me a donation.

I would also like to recognize that at this time we have a number of sponsors, including three who contribute over $1,000 US per year. I just don't have a business from them to send you to support. ;-)